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Watson /uk/

Gavin Watson was born in London in 1965 and grew up on a council estate in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. He bought a Hanimex camera from Woolworths in his early teens and began to take photographs. Upon leaving school at the age of sixteen, Watson moved back to London and became a darkroom assistant at Camera Press. He continued to photograph his younger brother Neville and their group of skinhead friends in High Wycombe. The ‘Wycombe Skins’ were part of the working-class skinhead subculture brought together by a love of ska music and fashion. Although skinhead style had become associated with the right-wing extremism of political groups like the National Front in the 1970s, Watson’s photographs document a time and place where the subculture was racially mixed and inclusive. His photographs were published in the books Skins (1994) and Skins and Punks (2008), and the director Shane Meadows cited them as an inspiration for his film This is England (2006). In 2011 and 2012 Watson photographed campaigns for Dr Martens and began a project with the singer Plan B.

Marshmallow Laser Feast /uk/

Marshmallow Laser Feast is an experiential art collective working in the liminal space between art, technology and the natural world. The collective creates specific visual languages that expand perception and inform our lived experiences. Their expertise has earned them a reputation for creating the seemingly impossible—for producing experiences that push boundaries, redefine expectations and excite audiences worldwide.

guest / ███ /

██████ ██████ is a warrior-artist, futurist, polymath, transmedia + street artist, DJ, disruptor, digital prophet, inventor, hacker, motivational speaker, entrepreneur, rebel scholar, philosopher, tech evangelist, chief creative officer, storyteller and content creator ready to rock your world! Born from ███████████, ██████ is now a digital-nomad, traveling around the world sharing his wisdom of digital creativity and life. ██████ is a pioneer in VR, AR, AI, AL, ML and coined the term NR [New Reality] in his philosophy of the modern world, which is starting to gaining popularity in San Francisco and other places. Fluent in over 10,000 softwares, ██████ is a member of MENSA since he was 13 years old.

TALK TITLE: Unlocking the SECRETS of your Creative Mind

In the world today, the individual is in digital relationships with many people, because of the internet and technology devices. We share ideas and society is always advancing, but are people happy? Can business and the future evolve together? ██████ ██████ is here to share his ideas and wisdom about the future of navigating the techno-scape, and offer his unique vision of creativity. ██████ will inspire and amaze with his personal history, and advice for creators trying to make it in todays competitive glocal economy. Full of tips and life hacks to maximize your creativity, but get ready for a challenge, ██████ is not afraid to tell you the truth!

Gavin Watson /expo/

Our Gallery Wall Exhibitor is the one and only Gavin Watson who will be sharing some of his most iconic images taken from his photographic archive. These prints will be available to purchase (orders will be taken and bespoke prints made after the event) plus there will be an opportunity to buy limited editions of his much sought-after fanzine, SKINS.

For more information on purchasing the work of Gavin Watson, please contact us on

Jason Fulton /host/

Host Jason Fulton is no stranger to Amsterdam, having moved here from his native London 15 years ago. With a background in design and fashion, Jason was headhunted by Nike in the 90’s and spent over a decade at Nike UK, Nike EMEA and Nike Global working as their Consumer Culture Strategist. His team's responsibility was to understand consumer macrotrends and what was to impact the world of consumers, across key Nike categories. In 2009 he left Nike to start his own Amsterdam-based agency, thisMemento, working with lifestyle brands including SONOS, Carhartt, Red Wing, KNVB, Converse and indeed Nike, on their own consumer-centric insights that impact strategy and storytelling, across western and eastern Europe.
instagram @thismemento

jeremy /music/

Jeremy is a sound digger who has on-off relationships with turntables for 20 years. This Amsterdam based french Dj loves crossing borders of genders & time.

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The PanicRoom is a bi-annual inspiration night created, curated and hosted by PostPanic. First launched back in 2009, The PanicRoom is our way of bringing together like-minded souls to find out what makes extraordinary creatives tick. The PanicRoom’s home is with PostPanic in Amsterdam but it’s also exported around the world, having started with ‘The PanicRoom: Mexico Edition’ in 2012.

Fuelled by our drink sponsors and good food, a PanicRoom night is most definitely not a portfolio night. Each event features 3 specially invited speakers, chosen by PostPanic because of their inspirational work, regardless of whether they are actual business competitors of PostPanic’s or not. This is because the aim of the PanicRoom is to share the subjects and people PostPanic find fascinating - it’s not a showcase and it’s not about wheeling and dealing. 
Speakers to date have included:

Shynola (UK) • Pleix (FR) • United Visual Artists (UK) • Johnny Hardstaff (UK) • Kristoffer Borgli (Norway) • Terence Neale (SA) • Dougal Wilson (UK) • Dvein (SP) Vincent Fournier (FR) • Gmunk (US) • Aaron Duffy (US) • Si Scott (UK) • Jamie-James Medina (US/UK) • Niels Shoe Meulman (NL) • Sougwen Chung (US) • Andrew T Huang (US) • Man vs Machine (UK) • Polynoid (Ger) • Alex Turvey (UK) • Radical Friend (US) • Lucy McRae (AUS/ NL) • Fons Schiedon (NL) • Johan Rijpman (NL) • Sehsucht (DE) • HeyHeyHey (NL) • Hecq (DE) • The Stone Twins (IR) • DJ Kypski (NL) • Matt Blease (UK) • Matt Lambert (DE) • Jon Burgerman (US) • Lernert & Sander (NL)

All instructed to inspire and surprise an invite-only 120-strong audience consisting of Amsterdam’s key members from the advertising and creative communities. They each have 30 minutes to share all the things going round in their head - this could be bad album covers, youtube dance clips, snippets of history or just random images.